India witnesses high rise in cancer cases

Healthcare experts have revealed the theory that India is witnessing a high rate of cancer cases every year.Statistics have depicted that India will be facing triple the number of cancer patients in the next 20 years.The disease is likely to spread and effect a large mass of population every year in India.

The country has about 3 million patients suffering from cancer.The reason behind the dramatic rise in cancer  is due to consumption of tobacco products and gutkas which add fuel to the disease.Tobacco has 300 cancer chemicals and consists of about 4000 chemical harmful for health, but still people are used to buy these products and invite cancer diseases such as throat and mouth cancer.

India has a rapid cancer explosion in last few years.65 percent of India’s population is suffering from cervical and breast cancer.About 30 percent of the people suffers from neck and head cancers caused due to the non-smoking tobacco sold in India.The other reasons that contribute to the rise in cancer patients is the unplanned unhealthy diet, consumption of fast foods and the irresponsible way of living.

R.K Chaturvedi, advisor to metals and mining major Vedanta’s cancer hospital project said that, in today’s era people are more addicted to western and luxurious way of living and avoid to do any type of physical work.The time managed for consumption of tobacco and alcohol is really high compared to the time managed for walking and other physical exercises.

Most of type of cancer are curable, but if diagnosed and treated at right time.But the dilemma is that people residing in rural areas give more importance to their local doctors who are unable to detect the disease well and finally they tend to approach big hospitals at their last stage.

About 70 percent of the people in India get the right treatment to their cancer at last stage, when it too late.Somewhere the government is also responsible for the spread of disease because of the lack of public awareness programs about cancer and its prevention,in rural and backward areas of the country.

In males especially lung cancer is at rise where the other cancers like stomach and penile cancers are reduced comparatively.A timely awareness is very necessary to prevent people getting into the trap of deadly diseases like cancer. And knowing the fact that cancer is completely curable if the symptoms are known or detected at earlier stages.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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