5 Tips to Overcome Your Anxiety Problem

We, the humans are such fearful ones that start taking medication even for small normal disorders like cold. Know the reason why? This is because we love our doctor so much that we can’t live without him. Sounding kiddish ! But it’s true we have habituated ourselves so much that we need a doctor to cure every small disorder .But do you think a doctor can cure everything? Is he a God ? No, But we treat him like God and are ready to spend thousands of money without even giving ourselves a chance to cure it by own way.

But do you know in most of the cases medications fail to cure anxiety and it is we,  who at last have to become doctors for ourselves.

sad young man
sad young man

Managing anxiety vs Curing it

I know that is not easy to fight with disorders like anxiety but it is not impossible also. Many people have find the way out to fight with such disorders and have been successful also. Managing anxiety is totally different from curing it.

Managing the disorder means “that a person possesses the symptoms of anxiety but is trying to overcome it ”but curing it is simply different.

Curing anxiety is “that a person no longer suffers from the disorder”.

  5 Best Tips for How to Overcome Anxiety

  • It has become quite obvious and is reported daily in the newspaper that people, be it a student or an adult committing suicides due to depression. This is actually due to the fact that people get upset soon and are afraid to face the consequences.
  • When you start overreacting to a particular problem you  start to create a dark portion within you which start frightening you as soon as you face a challenge or a situation that you have not thought of. Right ?

So if you want to live your life cheerfully and happily without disturbing yourself so here are some tips that would help you out in situations when you become overly anxious:

  1. Researching Yourself:

The first thing that should be done is to do a detailed research work on yourself. Try to figure out the times when you are anxious the most and what you do at that time. This would help you a lot in the sense that you actually know what are the specific areas that need to be taken care of.

  1. Relaxing Yourself:

This is the most ancient technique that is being suggested by almost everyone .But people usually don’t take much interest in this rather they would better love to spend thousands of money just on doctor’s prescription. So this is for those who don’t want to waste their hard earned money and still want to get relieve from their disorder.

So next time whenever you start feeling fearful:

  • Stop Yourself.
  • Focus on your breath
  • Take a  deep breath in
  • Then slowly slowly  breathe out

Try this out and see the change within you .

  1. Better make yourself AWARE :

This is the technique that I follow the most and want to share along with you.

A: Accept the fact that you suffer from anxiety rather ignoring it.

W: Watch  out what you do when you are anxious.

A: This stands for Acting-Normally. As it is very well said by Baba Ranchordas in 3-idiots that our heart is very delicate and it get fearful very soon,  similar thing goes with our brain. When something unusual happens just tell your brain that boss everything is alright and there is no need need to overreact.

R: Repeat the above steps in your mind if necessary.

E: Expecting the best. One of the most wonderful thing is the achievement of something and you achieve something when you have trust upon yourself and when you hope for the best.

    4. Exercising Regularly :

Know the 100% percent treatment for anxiety ? Well you guessed it right . It’s none other than exercise Exercise not only uplifts your mood but also makes your tiring muscles relax and avoid stress. So get started because now you have have got the treatment without paying a single penny .

     5. Going Crazy :

It’s sometimes good to cross the heights of craziness. Don’t you think it’s a kind of a fun? Well, I think so ! .Whenever you start feeling depressed or sad just start behaving like a kid . Have you ever seen a kid ? He’s so cool and relaxed .Know the reason why ? I tell you the reason why is it so ? It is because he doesn’t have any worries. So why not be childish for the moment when your face becomes pale and your heart start throbbing much faster than its actual rate.What is wrong with that ? Just try it once and you’ll love doing it  every time since it will cherish your heart and soul and bring a smile onto your face.

So , be fighty and avoid anxiety !

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