Quit Smoking easily with Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking has become a serious threat to human life especially for those who become habituated to it and couldn’t live without it. Its a shame for all those who smoke a lot and give stupid reasons as ”  I am disturbed, I am  alone and I  need someone to accompany me” But the true fact is that they become so much addicted to it that they become blind to what will be its side-effects or consequences.

All they know about is that cigarettes are their best friends.

Some people after suffering from various side effects finally decide to quit smoking and they try various techniques to avoid it. Such people are few but can be considered as at least sensible enough than those who besides knowing the disadvantages continue to use cigarettes.


Side Effects of Smoking

Cigarettes makes your  body adaptive to getting regular patches of nicotine and makes you addicted to it. When you  quit  smoking  you suffer  from  symptoms such as : You start feeling irritated, you tend to remain hyper all the time, you are unable to concentrate on your work etc.

NRT Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) releases nicotine  into your blood at much lesser levels than in a cigarette, without the tar and other poisonous chemicals present in smoke.

NRT comes in different forms including : chewing gum ,tablets, strips , nasal spray , mouth spray etc.

Besides having advantages, NRT has some disadvantages or side effects also. They can be quoted here as : Skin irritation when using patches, persistence of irritation in nose, throat or eyes when using a nasal spray,disturbed sleep and horror dreams ,stomachaches,headaches etc


Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

E-cigarettes were first developed in China Many and resemble to normal cigarettes but is  is a tobacco-free product. They are actually vaporizers and make use of a mechanism that  heats up a liquid which is then inhaled. Clinical researches are in progress and the Government still have not granted permission for the use of e-cigarettes since it has not been clarified that how much quantity of nicotine it actually contain.

I would rather suggest all those people who smoke a lot to just think about their family members and try to quit smoking since life is very beautiful and it should be enjoyed not wasted.

So take care and stay blessed !

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