Autism in children: Symptoms,causes and treatment

Autism is generally an autistic disorder also known as childhood autism develops before the age of three and which includes verbal and non verbal communication,repetitive and restricted stereotyped interest,social interaction and other behavior.

Children suffering from autism have extreme difficulty in developing normal relationships with others.Some people who develop autism have impairment in language or many never speak at all.

Some of its symptoms are:

Verbal and non verbal communication,includes-

a)Delay in learning and to talk.

b)Problem in continuing the conversations.

c)Often repetition of language and phrases they have heard previously.

d)Failing to catch the implied meaning of other people.

Social interaction and relationships-

a)Problem in developing nonverbal communication such as facial expression,body exposure and eye to eye gazing.

b)Difficult to develop friendship with children of same age.

c)Lack of empathy,they do not understand others sorrow or pain.

d)Lack of interest in enjoyment and achievements with other people.

Limited interests in activities –

a)Focus on specific pieces such  as children who develop autism focus on specific parts such as wheels on car etc rather playing the toy as a whole.

b)Need for sameness and routines.Child suffering from autism always need to eat the same lunch or breakfast,insist to drive on same route etc.

Other than these symptoms children with autism often develop aggression towards themselves,participate in aggressive play,use different gestures rather speaking words to express needs.


Doctors says that 90% of the risk is believed to be in genetics for a child developing autism rests women should stop the use of drugs during pregnancy unless doctor suggests them and also avoid alcoholic beverages or any similar kind of drinks during pregnancy.


There is no cure currently exists for autism,However study has shown that early intervention could greatly improve child’s development.It includes therapy like to help the child talk, walk and interact with others

Some other treatments include:

auditory training,vitamin therapy,speech therapy,sensory integration and facilitated communication music therapy.

Behavior and communication approaches,dietary approaches,medication and alternative and complementary medication can be helpful to treat the disorder.

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