Meditation: Reduce pain through meditation better than painkillers

Studies has shown that meditation cure more than half of the pain as compared to strong drugs.US scientists have proved that meditation training  is able to cure the pain in less than 90 minutes of duration.

Fadel Zeidan ,a Neuroscientists and his colleagues  in US have found that meditation techniques like Samatha and Vipassana lessens 40% of the pain intensity and 57 % reduction in pain unpleasantness.

The findings will be published in The journal of Neuroscience that shows everything about how the meditation changes the experience of pain.

Zeidan says “Meditation reduce pain via multiple mechanism,this functional MRI study takes us closer to understand these mechanism.”

The experiment was done on 15 people who never meditated before.The scientists exposed them to high painful temperature stimulus on the skin and checked their MRI.

Every individual felt 93 percent drop in pain,as the scan report shows the meditation reduces brain activity in the region called primary somatosensory cortex,an area that creates the feel and intensity of pain.

The techniques which were showed by Zeidan and his colleagues are called mindfulness meditation that uses the similar methods to Samatha and Vipassana(traditional techniques) that were raised and practiced 2000 years ago in India.

The reason given for the effectiveness  of meditation was that the process of meditation not only effects or works at one place in the brain but instead reduces pain at many levels of processing.

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