Regular Fasting Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease

Do you take fast regularly in a month, if yes then their is a good news for you that according to the researchers fasting for 24 hours regularly may reduce risk of heart disease.A group of researchers studied the 200 patients in the state of Utah. These patients were undergoing a diagnostic test called Angiography, which  determine that  a person has coronary heart disease or not.

In 200 patients, 90 % are Mormons. Mormons is  a faith in which its members  fast for one day a month.

The researcher asked the patients that are they fasting regularly & later received a diagnosis of heart disease or not.

The researchers find that patients who fasted regularly had a 58 %  lower risk of coronary disease compared with those who said they didn’t fast.

In a second research by the same research team, in which  30 patients were asked to fast for 24 hours with water only. The researchers found  levels of human growth surged after fasting  increasing twenty  times in men and thirteen times in women.

“There is a lot more to be done to fill in the research on the biological mechanism.But what it does suggest is that fasting is not a marker for other healthy lifestyle behaviors. It appears to be that fasting is causing some major stress, and the body responds to that by some protective mechanisms that potentially have a beneficial long-term effect on risk of chronic disease.” said Dr. Benjamin D. Horne, director of cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology for Intermountain Healthcare

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