Diabetes awareness: Delhi goverment makes diabetes test compulsory for pregnant women

Health Minister Kiran Walia announced on Saturday that Diabetes test will now be made compulsory for the women who are going to give birth to a child.This action of her is taken  for the well being of the  two lives ,that of the mother and her child.

This work will be handed over to the Asha workers by the state government  as a special diabetes educator.They will be going door to door to spread the awarenes among the common people.

However,Aganwadi workers and some officials of Delhi government will also be trained for the same purpose.Walia further says that “Prevention is the best way to keep away diabetes.Our aim is to educate people and teach them both about lifestyle changes and treatment required to fight the disease.

She added that people should not be  deceived by the false advertisement and shoul consult doctor and follow right prescriptions.

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