Home Remedies: Benefits Of Apple For Health

It is said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” well this is absolutely right. Eating one apple regularly keeps you healthy & away from the doctors. Apple is a most cultivated tree fruits & one of nature’s best antioxidants. There are many health benefits from apple, some of them are given below.

Benefits Of Apple For Healths:

  • Apple helps  in treatment of Sunburn. Add 1 tsp. of glycerin to the pulp from a grated apple & then mix it & apply to your face. After 15 minutes wash your face.


  • Eating apples helps in  reducing  cavities in teeth. It also keep your  teeth and gum clean.

  • Apple contain minerals and vitamins in large amount which  strengthen the blood.
  • Eating an apple daily keeps your cholesterol low.


  • Apple contains contain malic acid and tartaric acid, which is helpful in preventing   liver & digestion problems.


  • Apple is helpful for those people who are on dieting because apple contain fiber which help in preventing hunger.


  • Apple contains vitamins in a very high level such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, vitamin B 9




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