Skin Care: Protect your skin from harmful sunrays

Summer season is always accompanied by hot afternoons, unbearable heat and harmful sun rays that effects your health badly.Harmful rays of sun not only effect your health but also your skin, hairs and stomach.

Sudden exposure to sun after long staying in air condition could make body a pretty good host for viruses.Overheating and consumption of overnight food may also be very harmful, may trigger gastro problems and other diseases like diarrhea.

Dr Kausar Usman of Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University medicine department says “Stomach Infections  caused by unhealthy eating commonly manifest as diarrhea , vomiting and stomach ache.It could be even life threatening to children and elderly.”

Harmful effects of sun rays during summers may also cause skin diseases like dermatitis, which is generally characterized by extreme itchiness  and hypersensitive skin.

Dr. Suresh Talwar of Indian Dermatologist Association says “ A dust free environment is recommended for patients suffering from dermatitis.They should avoid spicy and oily food, as it aggravates the condition .Even excessive soaps be avoided and skin friendly products should be used.”

Asthma patients should also be careful during summers as pollutant and pollen grains when entered in the respiratory tract can cause breathing difficulty and other major problems.



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