Ayurvedic treatment for cracked heels: causes and remedies for cracked heels in Ayurveda

One of the common beauty problems caused by dryness of skin are the cracked heels.  Often cracked heels gives a lot of problem like pain and even bleeding if not taken proper care. Cracked heels are also referred as heel fissures. They can become infectious to.

In Ayurveda the cause of cracked heels is vitamin Vata. Due to this vitamin your skin become dry and rough. If you are in a habit of walking bare foot for a long time it can result to cracked heels because of vitamin vata.

Actually the process of sweating keeps our skin moist and soft.Vitamin Vata dries up our sweat glands which then causes dryness of your skin.

If you are overweight the continued pressure on feet can cause cracked heels.

In Ayurveda cracked heels are classified under “ksudra rogas” which means common disease without much complications, and explains the causes and remedies for cracked heels.

Here are the 10 Ayurveda remedies to get rid of cracked heels.

  • Avoid walking bare foot for a long time this will vitiates vata causing cracked heels.

  • Dry and cold weather increases vata in the body and may cause cracked heels so try to cover your ffot with socks.
  • Avoid thin soled shoes or footwear and open backed shoes.
  • Use pumice stone bars to remove thick or dead skin of heels.
  • The skin of heels lacks oil glands so apply herbal motorizing lotions before going to bed and wear cotton socks.

  • Reduce body weight and do not stand for a long time.
  • Never cut hard edges with  scissors, razors or blade.
  • A regular foot bath or foot massage helps to keep the skin on heels healthy and soft.Wipe your feet with a dry towel make sure they are dried,apply petroleum jelly and cover them with cloth.

  • You can mix melted paraffin wax and few drops of coconut oil , it will work as a heeling solution.Soon your heels will become soft and smooth.
  • Walking on the green grass at the morning time  in the garden is also effective treatment for cracked heels.

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