Meditation: An introduction for beginners

Today people are more depressed and tensed under various pressures and conditions.And the thing that is noticeable is that this activity is increasing day by day that goes unavoidable.Professor Andrew Oswald,at Warwick University who studies well being ,recently says”Things are not going completely well in western society“.There are numerous remedies in the market,but none is working.And the cure that is garbing the attention is meditation.

The purpose of meditation is very simple and unique:be “mindful”.There are various techniques for mediation like sitting upright in alert position and breathing in-and-out.The other one could be walking meditation where you pay attention to the soles of your feet.Both the techniques hold some symbolic resonance: like breathing is to do with life and feet are focus because for being grounded in reality.

The entire process of meditation consists of three stages of concentration,meditation,and enlightenment.Once your attention gets engaged,the concentration turns into  meditation.And thus through continuous meditation the mediator combines with the object of concentration which could be either present time or Divine Entity.

Indian philosophy says that the direct perception of inner self-Mana together with perception filtered through five senses-Pancha Indriya together forms a true epistemology-pratayaksh jnana.And thus the self awareness is nothing but the “pure being”-The Self.

People who are frequently prone to depression must practice for meditation.Meditation slows the stress and slowly slowly destroys it. Meditation techniques are easy to understand and practice but it requires a lot of self discipline.

Meditation originated from the concept of Dukkha-which means suffering,dissatisfaction,and discontent.The Buddha’s discovery when he was enlightened was that life consists of sufferings but there is particular path to follow through which suffering can be overcome.Meditation is an important part of it.Other traditions like Christianity says that life is not all about sufferings,but it ;s a quest for love.Saint Augustine said that human heart is a restless heart.He says restlessness propels us to discover the source of life which lies outside ourselves,in God.

Different culture have different thoughts but mindfulness says:make the time to step back,and here’s a way to do it.It encourages oneself to be more aware of life and promises that mindfulness is a source of insight and hope for future.

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