What causes Food poisoning: remedies for food borne diseases

A very common and harmful disease now a days is  food poisoning.It brings a deadly illness in your body.A very popular source of eating among children and youth now a days is the unhealthy food item. The craze of eating wrong or harmful food is on its peak today. That so called tasty food which is available in almost every corner of road can bring a disastrous effect inside your body.

Actually people are not aware of  the serious effects the harmful  food causing inside their body. Its not all about filling your stomach or fulfilling your desires,rather its all about your health.That unhealthy food causes all sort of  food borne diseases inside you.

The fact says that it is more that 250 known diseases that can me transmitted through food inside our body, so why not check the food we are taking and have a good hygiene practice to give a tough fight to food poisoning?

The major source of food poisoning is the bacterias and other toxic material present in the food, and symptoms are typically vomiting and diarrhea.

What causes food poisoning? Usually food becomes toxic by poor preparation and preservation.Improper packaging of food and storing at wrong temperature also causes food poisoning. Food gets contaminated when it is kept in open places near dirt.The non-veg food which contains germs like in meat,poultry such as chicken,eggs,milk,raw food unwashed food etc are one of the major source of food poisoning.A food born disease can also be caused by the medicines or chemicals present in the food. Stale food usually present in shops are the major cause of food poisoning.

Remedies for food poisoning;

  • Avoid food which is giving a stinking smell it can be unhealthy Like milk,eggs,meat etc.
  • Many fruits and vegetables sold in open contains microbes so wash them before eating.

  • Get in a habit of checking expiry date in food packets obtained from shops.
  • As bacteria can survive anywhere so keep the food covered even in the refrigerator.
  • Avoid eating junk food kept in open spaces or kept stale.
  • You must check the seal of the canned food.
  • Get in a habit of washing your hands while eating,serving or cooking food.

Mostly the effect of food poisoning in the body rest for few time.But if there is a continued illness in your body in that case you need to take medical help immediately.If you will take a healthy diet, and will keep an eye on your intakes you will definitely get a healthy body free from all kinds of food borne diseases.

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