Be Home Fit: 10 simple exercises to be practised at home

Body needs to be fit and healthy all the time to carry out the daily routines either at home or at work.Now,if you really want to be in best shape but not able to run to the nearest gym then, need not to worry.Here are some moves that could help you to carry out the normal gym sessions even at your home.

Here is what you can do at home-

Wood Chop-

It effects your muscles including your abs.Stand on your feet hip-width apart and your hips,knees slightly bent.Now attach a band overhead and grab it over the shoulder.Pull down to the opposite hip and slightly rotate.And return.Be sure to consult your doctor first before doing it.

Circuit Train-

It burns your fat.Loss weight and use light weights and low reps.A circuit includes push ups,pull ups and crunches which is followed by two minute run around the room.

Pull Up-

It shapes your work arm and strengthen your back muscles.First grasp the chin up bar and cross your legs to keep the lower body stable, Then slowly pull up your body and bend the elbows untilĀ  your chin is level with the bar.Slowly returns to your starting position.

Wide grip push up-

Here your chest muscles has to work little harder.McCall says “As you lift think about gripping the ground with your hands to engage the large muscles of the pectoralis major”.

Decline Push up-

It is little bit challenging but strengthen your shoulders.Be into a standard push up position,with your hands little wider than shoulder-width apart,fingers facing froward,eyes on the floor with elbows slightly bent.Remember to keep your body in straight line.

Jump Squat-

In this exercise shift your hips back and down until your heels start to lift the floor.Pause for a moment and jump up swinging your arms overhead as to strengthen your legs.People who are injured should consult doctor first.

One-Legged Hamstring Blater-

Loose your fat with this exercise,bent on 90degree angle and both your heels on stairs or chairs.Cross your one ankle over the other thigh just above the knee.Raise your hips as high as you can and keep up the back straight.Switch legs and repeat.

Chair dip

It tones your back of the arms.Sit on the edge of a chair or step,palms on your each side and your knees bent at an angle of 90 degree.Scoot your hips forward off the step.Lowers your body slowly,bend the elbows until upper arm are parallel to the floor.Slowly push your back up and repeat.

Basic Plank-

It strengthens your core muscles and help toning your middle section.Lie on your stomach,elbows close to your sides,directly under your shoulders and palms down.Avoid sagging at the low back,engage the abs and slowly lift your torso up away from the floor maintainingĀ  stiffness in your position.

Lower back-

People suffering from low back pain warms up gently by stretching their hips before working out.Keep your legs parallel to each other,hands on the bent knee and sinks your hip to the floor .Keep your upper body straight,don’t lean forward and hols up for 30 seconds then switch legs.