Bird Flu in Japan: Bird Flu detected in Japan,40,000 chickens culled

About 40000 chickens were gathered and killed at a poultry farm in southern region of Japan,after chickens were found dead and confirmed carrying bird flu virus.

The decision was taken when 90 chickens found dead at a farm in Mizyazaki on Sunday morning in the far.Officials says that it is first outbreak of bird  flu since 2007.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan took strict actions to set up a task to fight against the disease outbreak.In Miyazaki over 500,000 chickens were killed in 10 days to control the disease.

Some of the Bird Flu symptoms are:


-Sore Throat



-Aching Muscles

Some Bird Flu caused complications:

-Eye Infections

-Pneumonia,including viral pneumonia

-Acute respiratory distress

-Inflammation of brain and heart

Travelers should avoid:

-Should avoid contact with wild and domesticated birds-chickens,ducks and geese.Avoid going farms and market places.

-Stop young children from putting contaminated objects into their mouths

-Avoid eating uncooked egg.

-Cook foods from poultry at higher temperature of 80 degrees or higher.

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