Donors Day in Hinduja: Hinduja Hospital hailed its organ donors

The world class Hinduja Hospital,known for its best services internationally organized a program to compliment its organ donors.More than 30 donors were invited and complimented in the occasion.

The consultant Nephrologist Dr.Allan Almeida,Hinduja Hospital said on the occasion “It takes a lot of courage to donate an organ and it gives me immense joy to see more number of donors coming forward every year. With this program we wish to highlight the need of donors and inform the people that life can function properly with one Kidney.”

A 10 year old Akash Thombre experience a new life within himself after receiving a kidney from his own maternal uncle.The boy was under the treatment of Dr. Rasika Sirsat,and was having the problem since birth.

People actually avoid doing such things and think a hundred times before donating any of their organs.The big disadvantage here is the lack of awareness among common people.The second problem that arises is the lack of awareness of cadaver donors that causes brain death diseases.

Even sometime in public hospitals such things are neglected and thus patient could not get proper organ transplantation.Such problem can be reduced or avoided such problems is the better co-ordination between hospitals and common people.

1 thought on “Donors Day in Hinduja: Hinduja Hospital hailed its organ donors

  1. Hi, I am 49 year old male, residing at mumbai. I want to donate my one kidney, due to financial problem.
    Blood group- AB- , No Diabites, No Smoking , No Non Veg , occasionally take alkol

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