Black tea lowers lung cancer risk

Various researches has shown that in some way or the other cancer deaths are linked to our daily diet.There are many foods found in the market which contains cancer fighting antioxidants capable of reducing the cancer risks.

Lung cancer is the type of cancer developed due to smoking or  heavy alcohol intake .Black tea and fruits contains compounds that increases the BMI level and reduces the risk of deadly lung cancer.

The study is presented at CHEST, the 77th annual meeting of American College of Chest Physicians.The research included 126,293 people started on 1978 to1985 and continued till 2008 and observe the risk for developing lung cancer linked to alcohol consumption,BMI level,smoking,gender,education etc.

1852 people among the group were seen to develop lung cancer ,were strongly related to cigarette smoking and  heavy alcohol consumption.

One of the researchers,Stanton Siu,MD,FCCP in California,says that  heavy alcohol consumption increases the  cardiovascular complications and increases the risk of lung cancer.

Black tea and fruits increases the BMI level in any individual and higher BMI levels means lower risk of developing lung cancer.Although the  explanation is not evident but the result of research showed that people with higher education levels are in less risk of developing lung cancer and lead a healthy lifestyle.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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