Eating food in plastic plates can cause kidney stones

A latest research has shown that eating hot food in plastic plates can be risky for health.It can lead to kidney stones at later stage of your life.The crockery made up of melamine or plastic which people often uses while going out on holiday or in a picnic are not suitable for eating hot meals as it is found that the hot temperature of food increases the amount of melamine which can badly affect kidney health.

plastic and melamine crockery causes kidney damage
Eating hot food in plastic plates causes kidney stones

The research was conducted at Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan.The study included two groups of people who were given hot soups to eat.The first group uses the melamine bowl and the second one uses ceramic bowls to eat the soup.Urine sample of both the group was collected before the meal after every 2 hours for continuous 12 hours of time period.

After 3 weeks of time ,same people were given the soup again but now the type of the bowls were reversed for both group.Samples of urine collected again.

Results of the whole process showed that the total amount of melamine in urine was found to be 8.35 micro grams in case of people who ate from melamine bowl while the another group who ate from ceramic bowl had 1.3 micro-grams amount of melamine in their urine samples.

The lead researcher Chia Fang Wu said that when any kind of hot food is served in melamine bowls or plates, it gets contaminated by the melamine immediately and thus increases the risk of developing kidney stones.However the degree of contamination differ from one brand to another.Low quality melamine crockery is more harmful compared to high quality kitchenware.

To be on the safe side it is suggested that ceramic crockery should be used to serve hot food.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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