Tattooing causes hepatitis c

A latest research has revealed that getting a tattoo or any kind of body art could increase the risk of Hepatitis C.A study published in the journal Hepatology showed that people who have tattoo in their body are diagnosed with blood borne hepatitis C virus.

body tattoo
tattooing can cause hepatitis C

About 3.2 million people in United States suffers from Hepatitis C and the reason in most of the cases is because of the unhygienic needle that is used to make tattoo in the body.Whenever a person gets tattoo in his/her body the skin is pierced by injecting tiny size ink by a needle.Every time the needle is injected it comes in direct contact of the blood.

The needle is generally doesn’t create any problem until the artist used the same needle he has used to make tattoo in someone’s else body.This is the time when body comes in contact with the viruses and bacteria in other person’s blood, causing hepatitis C and even HIV in some cases.

Hepatitis C causes liver cancer and about 70 percent of the people of United States suffers from life threatening and chronic liver disease.Researchers who did the study found that about 34 percent of the people with Hepatitis C had tattoo in their body.

Sometimes people have hepatitis C and do not have any idea about that because they never feel ill and thus face chronic disease consequences in future.Researchers suggested that people should  be aware of the unwanted things that can happen after they have tattoo pierced in their body. They should have tattoos and piercing done only by professional artists who wear disposal gloves, uses single use disposable needles and do the work very cleanly maintaining the hygiene and essential safety measures.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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