Blood pressure myth and ayurvedic remedies

There is a common thinking that more salt consumption is linked with increase in blood pressure.There is a need to correct this myth as according to a latest research eating less or more amount of salt has no connection with high blood pressure.

Salt and blood pressure
Salt and blood pressure

Salt vs high blood pressure

The researchers of a university has claimed this after researching upon 3681 people for 7 years. In this research 2069 people have low blood pressure while 1499 people were suffering from high blood pressure problems.Before starting the research it was make sure that no body has any heart related problems.
After checking the sodium level in their urine these people are divided into three groups- those who consume less salt, those consuming more salt and those consuming medium salt levels.
People having normal blood pressure are kept in a close watch for 6.5 years. Out of these were187 people of less salt group (27%), 190 of normal salt group(26.6%) and 175 people of more salt group (25.4%) people came under the high blood pressure problems. Those who ate less amount of salt were more affected by blood pressure problems.

Ayurvedic  remedies for blood pressure

  • Raw garlic is considered a very beneficial element for eliminating blood pressure problems in Ayurveda. It contains a good heating effects therefore one should consume 1 mg of garlic paste at-least twice a day.
  • Ayurveda suggest a blood pressure patients to switch over to a healthy vegetarian diet including cereals and various fruits.
  • Various herbal capsules and powders like jatamansi or muktavatiare available in the market and are very beneficial in keeping the blood pressure under control.
  • In the case of blood pressure breathing exercises are of utmost important. Yoga and meditation are one of the best methods to keep a control over blood pressure.
  • There are various ayurvedic massages and kriyas which help in maintains a good blood circulation in the body resulting in normalizing the BP problems.

Basically in Ayurveda blood pressure is treated a according to the type of person’s dosha’s which are of three types namely Vata, Kapha, Pittas. Ayurveda handle blood pressure problems by the help of these three doshas. Once they are balanced properly then you can change your lifestyle or food habits accordingly.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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