Bones and muscles pain: causes & treatment

During winter the problem of muscle pain and bones starchiness increases. This is the time when individuals aged over 50 years claim to have knee, back and neck pain.

Muscles and bones problems:

  • Knee pain

Knee pain
Knee pain

In India people aged over 55 years ( around 90% ) are affected by this. Some of the common causes of knee pain are swollen ligament, cartilage tear and runner’s knee. But precautions are very important as ignoring this pain can leads to negative results as well.

Treatment– It is very important to do exercises plus regular walking. Do not sit with crossed legs as it can create pain on joints. Try using English bathrooms rather than Indian styles, if pain increases then doctors suggests to eat pain killers at last.

  • Back pain-

Back pain
Back pain

The main causes of back pain is the starchiness of muscles, this is also called tight muscles. With change in season or weather muscles becomes stiff and lowers the blood circulation inside the body which causes pain.

TreatmentР Wear warm clothes like neck inners to prevent from cold. Use a hot water bottle if pain increases. Sit in a correct posture, take proper diet and exercise is very important.

  • Cervical pain-

Cervical pain
Cervical pain

Mostly people are less concerned about their neck during winters and fails to cover it with woolen clothes, Due to cold breeze the neck bones becomes stiff due to which pain occurs.

Treatment– Doctors suggests some light yoga for shoulder and neck which provide some relief to the patients. Apart from these some mineral elements, vitamins and calcium rich food are very essential for the body. Take milk, banana, guava, green vegetables, eggs and fish in your diet.


“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/ therapy”¬†


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