Essential diet for healthy hairs

Hairs should be nourished from the root to tip, diet plays a very important role in maintaining the health of hairs. An unbalanced or insufficient diet can make hair dull as well as dry and problems like split-ends and hair fall becomes a common part of day to day life due to lack of proper nutrition. check out some healthy diet plan for hairs.

Hair diet
Hair diet

Its all about a balanced diet when it comes to healthy hair diet, all you need id to consume nutritive meals regularly for having strong and long hairs. Hairs are one of the fast growing tissue of the body which demands little care. Follow the diet give below and you will surely have desired hairs within some days.

Important and healthy diet for hairs:

  • Iron– Due to the deficiency of iron the roots of the hairs are unable to get oxygen in a proper amount with the result they start falling and becomes dry. Eat green vegetables in order to take a complete iron diet.
  • Zinc– Consuming good amount of zinc prevents hair falling, non vegetarian food and fish contain zinc in good amount. Try eating meal  which are rich in zinc content to stop hair falling.
Healthy hair diet
Healthy hair diet
  • Copper– Dullness in hairs is caused by the deficiency of copper. Copper is helpful in providing natural color to the hairs. To retain the natural hair color eat fresh fruits , nuts, vegetables and meat regularly.
  • Vitamin A– For having a healthy scalp add vitamin A to your diet. Carrot contain good amount of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin B and C– For having a proper hair growth and and natural color consume food rich in vitamin B and C, these are present in fruits, eggs, milk, pulses and green vegetables.

 “The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy” 


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