Botox Treatment :Botox helps reducing severe spinal headaches

A new research has revealed that Botox can be helpful in reducing severe spinal headaches.

The study took place at Mayo Clinic, where the fact was proven that  Botox can be used in pain management in patients suffering from terrible spinal headaches.The study is also a breakthrough in the field of  Botox and headache treatment.

Botox is generally linked to the removal of wrinkle and laugh lines from the face but the study widen the area of application of the treatment.

The neurologists Michael Cutrer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester says “The intensity of the patient’s headache dropped from eight out of ten on visual pain scale to three out of ten , to everybody’s surprise the patient made a remarkable improvement.”

He further says that though botox cannot completely vanish the pain but it can help the patient to live a relatively normal lives.

The study was shown at The American Academy of Neurology meeting in Hawaii.

Spinal Headache

Spinal Headaches generally arises due to the procedure such as spinal tap or lumbar puncture or epidural block.Th procedures includes the puncture of tough membrane that usually surrounds the spinal cord and,in the lower spine ,lumbar and sacral nerve roots.

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