Cancer Fighting Food :Good and balanced diet reduces Cancer risk

Cancer risks is high in case of people suffering from  overweight problem. Experts says that not all diet plans are capable in lowering the risk factors.

A good and regular diet is the only key of getting rid of cancer risk.Daxaben Amin, a senior clinical dietitian in the clinical nutrition department of University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Center says that diets  that protect against cancer include those that are encouraged by long term changes in eating habits and also provide  different options from all food groups.

Mediterranean style of eating is considered to be best source of nutrition  that fulfills all the dietary guidelines for preventing cancer and heart diseases. It generally includes:

Eating fish and poultry twice a week.

-Limiting the intake of red meat and alcohol.

-Intake of healthy fats such as olive and canola oils instead of butter.

-Using herbs and spices  to flavor foods in place of salt.

-Intake of plenty of fruits and,vegetables and plant based foods.

Other foods that could help in cancer prevention are-

Eating Fruits,vegetables and whole grains  in at least half your day meals.

-Intake of lean protein.

-Regular Exercise.

-Reducing the intake of fats in food.

Amin commentedDiet plans that encourages short-term change usually don’t provide the nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.These diets make our  ‘Bad’ list.

Amin further advised that people should not avoid gluten free diets unless they have celiac disease.Gluten free diet results in avoiding foods such as food rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals,everything that helps in protecting cells from damage that leads to cancer.

People should also not go for carbohydrates free diets as elimination of carbohydrates means depriving the body of its primary source of energy and cancer fighting foods,vegetables, fruits and beans.

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