Brain decides the period for your love relation

A recent study says that the chemistry between your personality and your chosen partner is closely linked with attraction.The research shows that we can be distributed in various categories,

  • Explorers
  • Builders
  • Directors
  • negotiators

It totally depends on how your body reacts to the chemicals present in your brains called Dopamine and Serotonin and half because of the hormones namely testosterone and o estrogen.

If you are commanded by dopamine,you belong to a class named explorers in which individuals have a inclination to seek innovation or newness.

If you are dominated by erotonin,the individuals trend to be calmness,loyal,liking towards rules and truth.This class has professionalism in creating social channels.this group can also be called builders.

Those who are guided by testosterone come into the segment named directors as they are direct,straight forward,conclusive,hard-minded,and perfect in strategic planning.

Lastly,people who have hormone o estrogen dubbed negotiators as they are very fanciful and good listeners,plus good oral and social skills as well as being skilled at linking different facts.

Being in love is always enchanting,but full knowledge is also important.First you should know about yourself about your habit of doing anything then you will be successful in love.Create a charm and feel the real love.

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