Breast Cancer: Breast cancer causes early aging

According to new study the persistence  of fatigue  in one out of three breast cancer survivors may be caused due to one part of the autonomic nervous system running in overdrive, where other parts fail to slow down.

It causes an imbalance in the natural system of the body which is appeared  to be linked to exhaustion and tiredness that could be harmful for the cancer patients.

A postdoctoral fellow at Ohio University’s Institute of Behavioral medicine research, Christopher Fagundes and Janice Kiecolt-Glaster, professor of psychiatry and psychology are still looking for the cure that could solve the causes  this fatigue.

Researchers also examined that the effect of fatigues  may also  accelerated aging in patients, which make them look 20 years older as compared to patients who are not fatigue.

It is to no surprise that main target of the disorder is the autonomic nervous system , which controls the activities such as breathing, digestion and heartbeat.

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