Breast Cancer Prevention :Parsley/Celery fights against breast cancer

A new study on breast cancer has suggested that Parsley and Celery which are commonly used as a decorative accent for a luscious meal,can be very helpful in reducing breast cancer tumor cells from multiplying and growing as well.

Salma Hyder a researcher from the University of Missouri first test the apigenin (compound that is commonly found in parsley,apples,oranges,celery,nuts and many other plant products) on rats which had a certain type of breast cancer.

The results thus shows that the rats which were exposed to the apigenin developed a significant delays in tumor formation and had fewer tumor as compared to the rats who were not exposed apigenin.

Though apigenin delay tumor but it cannot stop the initial formation of cancer cells within the breast. Hyder says “Researchers have not yet identified a apigenin dosage for humans yet, Howe ever, it appears that keeping a minimal level of apigenin in bloodstream is important to delay the onset of breast cancer that progresses in response such as MPA.”

The study was published in Cancer Prevention Research.

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