Eating chocolates can help in loosing extra pounds

Do you want eat lots of chocolates and still look slimmer as you can? If yes there is a good news for chocolate and cake lovers.Now you can eat as much chocolate as you want and truly it will not effect your weight at all.

You can loose weight by eating chocolates, how? Here is the answer for you.Actually a Japanese food company unexpectedly had discovered an extract from chilly pepper which can be added to any dessert  that will be helpful to loose extra weight of your body.

According to the company the chilly pepper will take out the work which then speed up your metabolism weight enabling your body to burn up more fat.It can be added to any kind of puddings which you like to eat and contains calories.

The extract which is found contains capsinoids  which includes capsiate,dihydrocapsiate and nordihudrocapsiate,these are the substance that cause pungency in hot peppers.It is a colorless and orderless substance which helps in speeding up your body metabolism.

The company suggest that just three milligrams.the amount of extract found in 10 chillies,would be enough to have an effect.This is a very easy and effective research done to basically help those people who can’t live without chocolate or are addicted to it.

But  main thing to remember here is your diet and exercise both are  equally important source of increasing  the metabolism rate  and  this should be used conveniently as one part of the total weight  control.

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