Secrets of strong and beautiful nails:easy tips to improve nails condition

Nails are one of the most beautiful part of the body.They add a glance to your look.Nails should be kept clean and glowy not only for the sake of beauty but for good health to.

Nails should be strong clean  and well shaped,it tells about your personality and how health conscious you are.Maintaining long nails is not a easy task you have to keep in mind the clean habits to.

Sometimes it becomes a very painful task to maintain your nails.Nails which are soft breaks very easily but some nails are strong enough to grow properly.Therefore nails vary from person to person.

Everybody wants to improve their nails conditions and wants their nails to be long strong and beautiful, and its not very difficult to.Here are some easy tips which will help you to get gorgeous nails which will definitely suits your personality.

Easy tips to make your nails more beautiful and healthy:

* Regular cleaning of nails is very important and for this purpose take massage your nails with olive oil daily at least for 10 minutes.
* Avoid using harsh removers for removing nail paints, they make nails weaker day by day which causes them to break easily.

* Lemon is one of the best item that can be used to nourish your nails.Just take a bowl of water mixed with lemon and soak your nails in it for half an hour.
* Do not forget to massage your nails with some cream before going to sleep.Whenever you are putting nail paints first massage your nails with any lotion this will bring glow to them.
* Stop biting your nails this habit damages them and makes them uneven to.

* Add vitamins in your meals this will help to make your nails more strong and smooth.
* Your kitchen is full of many useful things which can be used for strengthening your nails like garlic,cucumber,lemon,orange etc.
* Keep on filing your nails with a filer at regular interval of time,this will increase the growth of your nails.

* Try applying light colored nail polish because dark colors damages you nails.If you want to use dark colors first apply light base to your nails and then the dark ones.

These small and easy tips will definitely help you to get good,strong and beautiful nails.Just keep your nails clean and trimmed.Avoid having to much long nails because at times they become tough and painful to maintain.Medium length nails are in fashion now a days so keep your nails filed and properly managed.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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