Calcium benefits & sources

Most of the people are going through the problem of bone, muscle and joint pain which has become a common thing now a days. If you want to escape these problems then it is very important that your diet must include enough calcium rich stuff. Calcium is not only essential for the body as its intake is very important for proper functioning of brain also.

Calcium health benefits
Calcium health benefits

Calcium is a major component of  the human body  which is composed of nutrients. Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen are present in highest amount in the body. 90% of calcium is found in bones and teeth.


Calcium not only strengthens bones but also prevents from high blood pressure, diabetes and cancers risks. Certain amount of dissolved calcium in blood is required  to keep us active every moment. During pregnancy pregnant women are suggested to eat plenty of calcium rich substances. When babies start getting baby teeth they should be provided with sufficient quantity of milk and its products. For proper physical development teenagers also need more amount of calcium.

For old age

By the age of 30 bones are fully developed, but body still needs calcium. After the age of 40 women comes in the situation of  menopause. During this time they need daily 1500 mg calcium. At this stage the deficiency of calcium can result in the situation of osteoporosis. So it is very important to include enough calcium in your diet. Regular exercises will also be beneficial for you.

Major sources

Calcium intake

Milk and its products– Food items such as yogurt, cheese, curd etc are beneficial for health. On an average one glass of milk contains 300 mg calcium. All fruits and vegetables like banana, coconut, guava, cabbage and radish are good source of calcium.

Calcium consumption

The amount of calcium we take from food only 30% of it reaches our body through metabolism. Through excretion the left out calcium exits from the body. Our body also needs phosphors and vitamin D for the absorption and digestion of calcium, as vitamin D is also important for bones. For this purpose spend some in the sunlight every day. Regular balanced and nutritious diet is enough to get proper amount of calcium  in the body therefore do not take calcium tablets without the advice of a doctor otherwise it can harm your health.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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