Top 5 foot problems and its cure

Generally people does not care about their feet as much they care about other parts of their body. Sometimes this  careless behavior may lead to serious foot problem such as ingrown toenail, bunion, burning sensations, corns, and toe cramps. You should be concerned about your feet and should take a good care of then as they are the foundation of your body.

Foot diseases
Foot problems and its cure

Foot problem and its cure:

  • Bunion-

Bunion is kind of enlargement which occurs at the base of your big toe. It appears as swollen and causes pain whenever you wear some footwear. Treatment for bunion is available. It can be treated through surgery or your doctor  may prescribe you some pain relievers to reduce pain, and some pads are also used to treat bunion.

  • Corns and calluses-

Corns may appear between the toes your foot due to constant pressure. A thick and hard skin is formed due to friction. Calluses are similar to corns and may cause problem while you walk. The main reason behind the formation of corns and calluses can be tight fitting shoes or high heels.

Corns can be treated through surgery and calluses can be surgically trimmed so that they never occur again. You can also use urea cream to treat both the foot problem.

  • Plantar warts-

Plantar warts are painful which appear at the bottom of your feet. Plantar warts are caused by the viruses which enter into your skin through a cut in the skin.Mostly they are not harmful and can be treated through surgery, they can be frozen or burnt or cured through laser therapy.

  • Athlete’s foot-

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection which is caused due to walking bare foot in wet areas, in the pool or wearing wet socks. Athlete’s foot causes burning, redness, blisters and sometimes itching between your toes. Your skin may peel sometimes. It can cured by using lotions which have anti-fungal properties or medicines prescribed by your doctor to dry out the infection.

  • Flatfoot-

Flatfoot occurs when your heel completely touches the ground. It may be caused due to overweight, some injury, rheumatoid arthritis or it may be inherited from the family. In flatfoot you cannot stand for too long or your feet starts paining. Flatfoot can be treated through foot strengthening exercises, or orthotics. Also make sure you wear shoes with good support.

Some guidelines that you should keep in mind:

1)Wash your feet daily and keep them hydrated.

2)Massage your feet with some kind of healthy oil or lotion everyday.

3)Scrub your feet, rub between the toes to avoid chances of getting athlete’s foot.

4)Put your feet in warm water to relieve in the pain caused by swelling which may occur due to  bunion.

5)Avoid wearing heels, cleats and boots everyday. It may halt your flow of blood in the foot and may lead to problem such as corns.

 “The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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