Hair brushes for styling

Spherical brushes works like a roller during blow drying which helps to create curls. In the same way large round brushes give firm locks to the hair.

Hair problems are a common thing which you will be facing almost every day. One of the them is the wrong way of brushing. Many time wrong selection of hair brushes  increases the problem of hair loss. Know some perfect tips to select brushes for your hair.

Hair styling
Hair styling

Which is the best hair brush?

  1. It must contain natural brisels. Nylon brisels cause hair entanglement.
  2. Brush with a firm grip of wood or rubber handles.
  3. Should be light and balanced.

How to use a hair brush?

  1. Give firm strokes to hairs from tip to toe.
  2. Brushing in equal proportions gives thinner look to the hair.
  3. Avoid harsh brushing by blowing away the brush.
  4. Brush your hairs in a vertical partition. Brush from scalp towards the chin.If you will try to adjust your hair in a single stroke they will break down easily.
  5. Do not brush wet hairs it creates the problem of split ends.
  6. Wash your brush once in a week. Do not share your brush with anybody.

Different types of hair brushes

Hair brushes

Paddle brush

It is a flat brush best for long hairs. It is suitable for smooth and straight style. It does not create volume. It gives a mini scalp massage. 

Cushion style

It is a naturally smooth brush which is best suited for medium and long hairs. It helps in hair softening.

Sculpting brushes

It is best for back combing as it give a good volume to the hairs. It is available in small, medium and large size barels. It works as a roller during blow dry. Helps to create curls.



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