Cancer Prevention :Red wine makes cancer drug more potent

A latest research on cancer  says that red wine can be life saving for cancer patients.Study shows that red wine consists of some compounds that resists spread of cancer cells.A compound called,Resveratrol that is used to give red color to the wine  makes breast cancer medicine more potent.

Scientists are examining carefully over the fact and the potential of the compound in reducing the risk of heart disease,Alzheimer’s and the ageing process too.

Researchers says that Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant produced by plant as such as cranberries,raspberries,and grapes.Peanuts are also found in red wine that helps fighting  fungal and bacterial infections.

Resveratrol also comes in supplement form,however high doses can cause side effects such as Insomnia,acne,diarrhea and joint pain.

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