Causes and home treatment for grey hairs

When hairs go grey prematurely it is definitely a worrying issue.Stress is one of the factor of premature greying of hairs.However, there are other causes also that leads to hairs turn grey,such as imbalanced diet.

There is a pigment called Melanin,which gives black color to the hair, deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins can block the production of melanin.

Causes of  Greying of hairs-


2)Major illness such as typhoid.

3)Excessive intake of spicy food.

4)Intake of oily and fried foods excessively.

5)Stress and anxiety.

6)Unhygienic care of hairs and scalp.

Home Remedies for Premature Greying-

-Intake of food rich in Vitamin A and B, iron and minerals.

-Intake of Green vegetables, yogurt,tomatoes,cauliflower,

-Almond oil massage can prevent greying of hairs.

-Take one amla, boil it until it turns black and then apply it on the scalp everyday.

-Massage your hairs with lemon and coconut oil everyday for 15 minutes.

-Add curry leaves to your diet daily, as it is one of the best treatment for grey hairs.Boil some curry leaves in coconut oil for 10 minutes, keep it in a bottle and massage it  on your scalp daily before going to bed.

-Exercise daily, deep breathing exercise  relaxes your mind and keep you away from stress and worrying.

 “The information present here is for general purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy.”

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