Meditation relaxes mind and boosts will power

It is no doubt that few minutes of meditation makes mind calm and relaxed.The advantages of meditation are not limited to reducing the anxiety levels but also relieve people from stress and increases the energy level within the body.

Deanne Pandey, a fitness expert said that inner health of the body also needs special attention.A few minutes of meditation everyday keeps a separate  ‘me’ time.Meditation help you knowing yourself, listen to your mind and body.After some time you will be able to know exactly what your mind and body tells you.Meditation works a lot for working mothers.

Researches has revealed that daily meditation boosts the brain health.Scientists recorded the course took by 16 people on mindfulness  which includes stretching, relaxation exercises practiced for 30 minutes daily.

After eight weeks MRI scans showed remarkable growth in the density of gray matter in areas of brain which is responsible for learning, empathy,compassion,emotional regulation and sense of self.

Yoga expert Payal Gidwani also remarks that people should not demolarised by wandering mind during  the beginning stages of mediation, its completely a normal phenomenon.The technique is to bring the attention back as soon as the mind starts going some other place.Hollywood actress,Jennifer Anisten also says that yoga and meditation are the main reasons behind her happy go lucky nature even when she was facing tough times in her life.

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