Causes and symptoms of haemophilia

Haemophilia is a disorder in which the blood doest not clot normally.Haemophilia is a genetic disorder.The human body losses its capability to clot blood which is an essential factor to stop bleeding.A certain type of protein in the blood causes the blood to clot and stop the bleeding at once.But in case of person suffering from haemophilia, the blood does not stop and the bleeding continues for quite longer period of time.

There are two types of haemophilia-

1)Haemophilia A

2)Haemophilia B

In case of Haemophilia A an vital clotting factor called VII is found to be low or missing.And in case of Haemophilia B the person lacks in clotting factor IX.The haemophilia can be mild to severe.The level of haemophilia can be understood by the amount of clotting factor in the blood of the person suffering from the disease.

Causes of Haemophilia:

There are in all 13 clotting factors in human body that prevent bleeding.People who suffer from haemophilia lack these clotting factors.Haemphilics lacks in 8-9 clotting factors in their body.

People with haemophilia has the tendency to bleed faster compared to normal people.In many cases a small injury can lead to bleeding for many days or even weeks.If the bleeding is internal such as in case of inside joints or inside brain haemophilia can be fatal or permanently dangerous.Internal bleeding can also lead to severe and chronic pain.

Symptoms of Haemophilia:

The most common symptom of haemophilia is that the bleeding does not stops normally and occurs without any external reason.

Another symptom is unexplained bruising.The bruises can be deep or large.The person suffers from joint pain and swelling due to internal bleeding.

Other symptoms include blood in urine,bleeding in nose,joints tightening, and unexplained bleeding after immunization.

Symptoms which need emergency and quick treatment are-sudden pain.warmth in joints of knees,hips,shoulders,muscles of arm and legs,long lasting headache,vomiting,extreme lethargy,double vision. and sever neck pain.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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