Clothing tips to hide over-weight problems

Being fatty can be embarrassing at times.It is quite difficult to cut down weight and  to reduce over-weight problems.People who are over-weight should know how to carry their body as proper selection of clothes are very necessary for those who have weight related problems.

The first thing to keep in mind is the proper dressing sense one must have in order to look slim and have a good appearance.You should be dresses according to the body structure you posses.Here are some useful clothing tips for those who are fat and wants to have a slim appearance.

How to have a slim look?

  1. If you are little fatty then loose clothes are like your enemy.Avoid wearing loose clothes as they make you look more fatty.Always go for well fitted jeans as to much tight jeans can give a ugly look to your posture. You can also wear boot cut jeans for making your legs little slim in appearance.
  2. For upper part of the body try boat neck tops with3/6 inch sleeves,this will give a perfect body shape plus hide the fatness.
  3. Keep your hairs away from the shoulders.Always keep a high pony tail so that the face cut is properly visible.
  4. Not only the long strips cloths makes us look slim the horizontal lining clothes are also successful in giving a slim appearance to the body.Try different types of lining garments as per your choice.
  5. If you are annoyed with your waist size then try low waist jeans which should be comfortable and easy to fit which gets set in your waist.It will give a nice look to your stomach and will give it a slim look.
  6. Always remember that over0sized clothes do not hide you fatness rather they make you look more fat,So stop hiding behind your clothes.
  7. Try to wear dark colored clothes like black color,black color hide fatness where as light colored clothes make you look fatty.
  8. Do not wear large print clothes like large flowers and all.It makes you look fat.Try small prints for simple and sober looks.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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