Breast cancer detection by a new genetic test

There is good news for those who wanted some satisfaction about the issue of breast cancer.According to a latest research scientists had developed a genetic test which can detect breast cancer very easily now.

Those women who are hit by breast cancer in the early stages now it is possible for them to know about their breast problems very easily.Now there is no question of going through those expensive and tough chemo-therapies to detect the breast cancer.

Scientist were working to solve this trouble and no w they had achieved a great success in this area to.The test is known as the Oncotype DX test which is very help in determining the symptoms of breast cancer and whether more prescription is needed or not.

The test includes sampling to the tumor tissue which examines the way in which the cancer grows and slowly increases.Knowing the full structure of the tumor the treatment is carried on which gives positive and effective results later on.

If the treatment is fully covered and will show positive signs it will be spread over many countries says the scientists.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your d before taking any medication/therapy”

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