Hair Care: Homemade Healthy Hair Packs

Just adding some easy home-made hair packs in your beauty bag can help you in getting rid of various hair problems.Which hair pack is useful in which hair problem? Have look here.


Home made hair packs-

  • Dry hair care;

For making a hair pack for dry hair mash a banana well,add one teaspoon of honey and lemon to it.Now mix the batter well.Apply the paste on your hairs and on the scalp wash it of after 1 hour.

  • How to stop hair falling;

Take yellow portion on 2 eggs and white portion of 1 egg and mix it well in a container add some drops of lemon and honey to the batter now apply on your scalp and wash after 1/2 an hour.

  • Oily hair care;

Take white portion of an egg and massage on the scalp,do not mix anything to it.Wash your hair once it gets dried up.Continue this for at-least 2 times in a week.

  • Shinning hair;

Take some almonds and soak them over a night now make a paste of them and mix curd to it.Apply the pack on the hair wash it after some time .This pack will make your hair silky and shinning.

  • Heavy look to hair;

Take 2 teaspoon of honey mixed with sirka.Mix 1/2 cup hot water to it.Apply on your hair once it gets cooled.After 5 minutes wash with warm water,apply shampoo on the scalp properly.After the wash you will feel a heavy look on your hairs than before.

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