Coffee and Diabetes: Drinking Coffee reduces Diabetes risk

Now Coffee can also be connected to the medical world.There always been a squabble over the consumption of Coffee.People have prejudice, that the caffeine in coffee causes headache and assumes it to be a risk factor for the coronary heart disease.But the reality is just the opposite of everything.


Researchers at ULCA have discovered an intermediary for coffee’s protective effect.Its like a molecular mechanism that consists of protein called sex-hormone binding globulin(SHBG) that regulates the biological activity of the body’s sex hormone,testosterone,and estrogen,which plays a very important part in the development of two types of Diabetes.Coffee consumption in turn thus increases plasma levels of SHBG.

A ULCA doctoral student in epiemiology  student,and the first suthor Atsushi Goto and Dr.Simin Liu,proffessor of epidemology and medecine with join appointment at ULCA School of public health and David Geffen School of medecine at ULCA shows that women who drink at least four cups of a day or less develop diabetes very rarely as compared to non coffee drinkers.

Researchers also says that people who drink coffee have a lower risk for diabetes.For an example if anyone drink two cups of coffee per day,the have 14 percent less risk of facing diabetes risk.And people who have five cups of coffee a day,have 35 percent less diabetes risk.

An American scientist Yaser Dorri has has also suggested that smell of coffee can restore appetite and can refresh olfactory receptors.He also said that people can regain their appetite after cooking smell of coffee beans.A study shown in 2009 in Norwegian University of Science and Technology claims that heavy coffee drinkers,four cups a day are more likely to suffer headaches very less as compared to persons who have low coffee or caffeine consumption

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