Type 2 Diabetes Drug Linked To Heart Problems

Are you a patient of Type 2 Diabetes? If yes, then i am quiet  sure that you are using Rosiglitazone drug to treat type 2 diabetes. According to a research Rosiglitazone drug is linked  with an increased risk of major heart problems.

In a research by the team of U.K & U.S found that rosiglitazone is linked with higher number of congestive heart failure, heart attack and death as compared to  similar drug pioglitazone. Pioglitazone is also used to treat Type 2 diabetes.

The research team of U.K & U.S analysed the results of 16 studies involving  810,000 patients  out of which 429,000 takes rosiglitazone and 381,000 takes  pioglitazone. Most patients were aged over 60 years.

Rosiglitazone was associated with a modest but statistically significant increased risk of heart attack (16 pc), congestive heart failure (23 pc), and mortality (14 pc) as compared to Pioglitazone drug.

In every 100,000 type 2 diabetes patients who takes rosiglitazone may lead to 170 excess heart attacks, 649 excess cases of heart failure, and 431 excess deaths.


Further adjusting the data to minimize bias, did not change the results significantly, suggesting that this is unlikely to be a chance finding, Our findings have important implications said the Authors.


Rosiglitazone is still available on a restricted basis in the United States and Canada. However, for patients who need thiazolidinedione treatment, continued use of rosiglitazone may lead to excess heart attacks, heart failure and mortality, compared with pioglitazone.”

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