Common myths about hair loss and baldness

Hair loss and baldness is a serious problem for any person who love his  hairs.Going bald is sometimes very unpleasant and causes loss in confidence.No one wants to loss hairs and go bald.Hair loss or baldness is common among men, though it happens in women too.Hairs are the reflection of one’s health.Healthy hairs add beauty to your personality.


However, there are common myths that make people worry about going bald at an early age.The myths and self assumptions makes you do many unwanted and unnecessary things that surely make you loose your hairs, even if the condition was not so.

The common myths about going bald are-

1)The first myths says that the baldness is inherited from mother.This was once believed by the scientists too but the myth was proved incorrect,when people were seen turning bald even if their mom has full length healthy hairs.

2)The second myth says that wearing  hats make you lose hairs.Dirty hats causes scalp infections that makes hair fall more frequent.Tight hat or caps may let you loose some hairs but it doesn’t have any relation with the scalp and infections.

3)The third myth says that frequent shampooing causes hair loss.But, the fact is not so.In reality people think that frequent shampooing results in hair loss and they do not wash their hairs which causes dirt to accumulate on scalp and causes baldness and hair loss.

4)The fourth myth says that hair loss is due to bad blood circulation to their scalp.Some people assume that hair loss can be reduced by hanging upside down or standing on your head.But neither of the two thing are true.The blood circulation to scalp is very good, which is why the hair transplantation always works well.

5)The fifth myth says that depression and stress situation tends to hair loss.the truth is that stress has nothing to do with hair loss in men.Instead, it is a symptom of male pattern baldness and not a defined reason.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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