Types of Meditation and their health benefits

There will hardly be any one in this world who is tension free.Some are tense about their career whether some are stressed because of over work loads.Most of the people are worried because of their family problems.Now a days increasing depression problems are of very much concern.For preventing these types of stressful problems is is only one way out and that is “MEDITATION”.It is one of the technique through which you can eliminate tension by just giving your 30 minutes.Which type of meditation will suit your and how to do it,check out below.



For being natural and calm even if there is lots of tension and problems around you the only remedy is meditation.Now what are the equipment needed for it? just little bit of spontaneity,carefulness and concentration.If these three things are inside you then it will become easy to fight back all the tension from your life.For doing mediation it is most important to bring the concentration perfectly.Here are some of the mediation choose the one you like the most.

Types of meditation-

  1. Open eyes meditation;
open eyes meditation
open eyes meditation

If you have some kind of problem while sitting with closed eyes for some hours then start trying open eyes meditation technique.Now you need a base.You can choose any type of thing like a candle,Photo,Statue or there could be anything.Now jut try to concentrate upon the thing you have chosen for at-least 30 minutes.


  1. Do not change the base again and again.
  2. Do not give stress on your face or eyes.
  3. If you have problems like slip-disk or spondylitis then you can sit on a chair or anything you feel comfortable in.

Benefits- This type of meditation is beneficial in controlling the versatility of mind.It will help in giving a peaceful sleep at night because it eliminates tensions. There will be a control in your anger,sadness or lethargy.

      2.  Closed eyes meditation;

closed eyes meditation
closed eyes meditation

Closed eyes meditation is a proses in which the concentration travels inside the mind from the outer world.When you close your eyes you fell yourself and your own world which is very pleasant and calm.You feel only peace there free from tension or any mental thoughts.This type of meditation strengthens your mental level.

Precautions- same as in open eyes meditation.

Benefits-Today every body is going through mental problems.Starting from children to old ages.This makes them weak physically,mentally and emotionally with the result increase in blood pressure,heart problems or asthma problems.By just giving your 10-15 minutes to this meditation can eliminate all these problems from your life.

Take care of your health.Do not forget to consult a good adviser before practicing these meditation as it is rightly said ” Prevention is better than cure”.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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