Sinus problem in winters and its prevention

Sinus infection is caused due to the inflammation of  nasal sinus lining. People find difficulty to survive this infection as it becomes worse during winter season,if not treated well.There are bout 37 million Americans who suffer from sinus problem every year.The infection becomes tough to beat in cold weather.The symptoms of acute sinusitis are-nasal congestion,pain on both sides of nose and face, facial swelling,secretions which are thick and discolored.Here are ways to prevent sinus problem during winter season.

Sinus problem is associated with many other repulsive symptom such as headache,fever,pain and sore throat.The symptom of sinusitis are somewhat similar to common cold.

Acute sinus problem lasts for about 3 weeks but a serious and chronic sinus problem remain for 3-8 weeks.

Here are some strategies to prevent the sinus problem becoming chronic during winters:

1)To prevent sinus problem getting really a pain during winters, adopt the sinus irrigation technique.Different kits are available now a days.A home made alternative can be used.Prepare a mixture of salt, and warm water.Use a bulb syringe to clear the nasal blockage.

2)Try to keep your nose moisturised during winters.The air during winter season is usually dry and causes irritation in the nasal cavity.Use good humidifiers at home to prevent the nasal cavity from drying up.Humidifiers prevent the growth of bacteria that causes infection and irritation.

3)Avoid smoking.Smoking tend to increase the sinus problem and irritation in the nasal cavity.The mucus gets accumulated due to the irritation caused by smoking and provides a better home for bacteria growth.

4)Alcohol worsen the sinus problem.The sinus lining get swollen up due to intake of alcohol and thus making the nasal cavity vulnerable to irritation and ends up in infection.

5)Try to make your immune system strong.A strong immune system is less vulnerable to various health disorders during winters.Increase the intake of protein, vitamin C and minerals.If your immune system is strong, the body is able to ward off bacteria and viruses that causes infection and prevents sinusitis during winters.

Apart from these tips, try to maintain hygiene.Clean your nose time to time and regularly.Avoid getting cold,wash your hands properly.Stay away from germs that causes infection, as accumulation of bacteria can lead to chronic sinusitis during  cold season.Stay healthy and follow a well maintained and healthy diet.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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