Strong exercises are harmful to women:adverse effects & health problems

A recent study said that ladies who do strong exercises can be a victim of damage in their cognitive skills in future life.Too much exercise  is not good for women as it shows some adverse effects later on.

Actually too much exercises raises the level of o estrogen  in woman’s body due to which the irregular mensuration cycle starts.

Women who are engaged in heavy exercises and have life-long exercise habits reports the problem of decrease in the performance in different cognitive works.

A recent study says that exercises are important for body they keeps our body fit but too much of exercises leads to bad health or negative impact in the body.

This problem in women are investigated further which said that exercises are beneficial but too much of it should be avoided.In the long- run they create problems to women and causes many kinds of diseases.

At an older age women becomes lethargic and they fails to perform various tasks  of life.There are some particular and limited exercises for woman’s which they should follow.

It is true that exercise when we exercise our body becomes good,heart gets stronger,our mussels get more effective,and we are able to defend our-self from some or the other body complications.But at the same time too much exercise reduces the ratio of immune helper cells to immune suppressor cells because of increase in the volume of exercise in women.This ratio indicate of normal immune function,and its decreases shows likewise depression of immune function.This means an increased risk of infection and illness due to immune suppression.

Exercises are good for health but when over-done they can be a cause of illness in the body and we feel very defenseless.So do regular exercises but don’t over-do them.

“The information given here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/ therapy”

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