Coriander Benefits: Health benefits of Coriander leaves and seeds

Coriander,very commonly known as “Dhaniya” in Indian and “Cilantro” in some part of Europe and America.Coriander,though used for garnishing and decorating the dishes but also used for the treatment of various diseases disorders like swellings,Mouth Ulcers,diarrhea,small pox,digestion,conjunctivitis and many more.

Just a small herb,but benefits are in dozen.Here are some facts of coriander leaves and its seeds:

-Dry coriander is used for the treatment of Diarrhea.

-Addition of two teaspoon of coriander juice to fresh buttermilk is best for the treatment of Nausea and dysentery.

-Women suffering from heavy menstrual flow can consume 6gms of boiled coriander seeds in 500ml of water after adding sugar.

-Coriander consists of anti-inflammatory properties that could be very useful for Arthritis patients.Coriander seeds can be boiled with water  and can be drunk afterward.

-Coriander consists of anti-oxidants,vitamin-A,vitamin-c and minerals like phosphorus which prevents aging of eye.It also soothes eyes against stress.

-Scientists have proved that coriander help a lot in stimulating the secretion of insulin and thus lowers blood sugar.

-Coriander also reduces pimples problem,a teaspoon of coriander juice and a pinch of turmeric powder can be an effective remedy..The mixture should be applied on the face every night.

Coriander is regarded best remedy in all forms-its leaves,its fruits,its roots and seeds.But fresh leaves and dry seeds provide more health benefits.Even,Ayurveda makes use of Coriander for the treatment of typhoid fevers and hypermenorrhoea (excess bleeding in menstruation cycles).

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