Natural Medicine: Alternative health becoming best choice for wellness

Nothing waits and is guaranteed in life,and so is Health .The manner of lifestyle adopted and the way of living can be improved through proper choices and increased awareness of natural remedies for ailments.

Since our lives are so busy that we ignore our proper health regimes.People are realizing the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and are thus moving to natural health solutions.Alternative health consists of number of health remedies and prevention for ailments.

Nutrients for daily routine:Alternative Health-

-Vitamin C helps maintaining iron level and absorption and bone density,lack of Vitamin C can cause poor functioning of immune system.

-Vitamin E reduces heart risk and death from heart attacks.

-Nuts,seeds and seafood consists of Selenium,which is an essential antioxidant

-Vegetables,legumes and whole grains should be consumed by High Blood Pressure patients.

-Vitamin A is very helpful in maintaining epithelial tissue and in reproduction.

-Lack of Manganese can cause joint pain,Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Aches and Pains-

Aches and pains in various parts of body is an indicator of toxicity in blood that can cause inflammation.The best practice adopted to work through diet and nutrients is to first detoxify and replenish the mineralsĀ  and nutrients.

You can follow these steps:

1.Consume a good vitamin mineral supplement daily.

2.Cut on protein,carbohydrates,and increase amount of green vegetables and fruits intake,all according to your current diet.

3.Make a daily routine for stretching and exercising,adopt alternative herbal remedies for aches and pains.Some of which are mentioned below-

-Blood purifying herbs:Alfalfa,Bayberry,Red clover,Yellow dock,Kelp,Oregon grape.

Bring all mentioned ailments in daily lifeĀ  practices as soon as possible as “Life don’t wait for anything”.

1 thought on “Natural Medicine: Alternative health becoming best choice for wellness

  1. Very presice article for wellbeing. Today consumption of well balanced diet still leaves us under nourished. Natural and organic nutrients anf herbs have become necessary to add in our routine for wellness. They are required in our first aid kit.

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