Yoga and Pranayama techniques:Kapalbharti & Anloma Viloma Pranayams makes body healthy

In today’s world yoga is gaining enormous  popularity among all types of people mostly youth because of its long-term as well as short-term benefits.People are inspired by the fitness and flexibility that yoga results in.It is also useful in many health problems.Yoga will provide you a calm,healthy and stressful body.It gives instant results if done regularly.Here we are bringing you some Pranayama (Yoga breathing exercises) and its techniques.

Pranayama or breath controlling  are the most peace giving exercises, they are mainly known as the “Science of breath control”.If you use to these exercises your body will show a good and healthy results to you.Pranayama should be done under expert guidance and consultation because if done wrongly  they can give you adverse effects.

Pranayama prepare you for meditation,it teaches you the proper way of breathing.Here are the two Pranayama exercise to start with.

Kapalbharti(cleansing breath):Designed to clear slime from the air passages.

First sit properly in any meditation posture.Exhale through both nostrils pulling in your abdomen.Release the contraction swiftly instantly follow with another strong expiration.Inhale passively and effortlessly. Rerun 20 times,keeping the constant tempo.

What Kapalbharti do?

  • Clears capillaries of  the remotest section of the body.
  • Purifies the front section  of the brain.
  • Clears the rhinal passages.
  • Purifies blood circulation.

Anuloma Viloma(Alternate nostril breathing):It equate the flow of prana in the body.

Sit in a meditative posture.First close your right nostril with the right thumb.Now inhale slowly with the left nostril and let your lungs fill with air.After the inhalation close your left nostril with your ring finger to the right hand.Open the right nostril and exhale slowly. Repeat the proses of exhalation and inhalation at least 20 times.The proses is called Nadi Sudhi Pranayama.

What Anuloma Veloma do?

  • Cleans the whole nervous system.
  • Benefit in cough and cold.
  • Heart is strengthened.
  • Removes mental tension and worries.

There are different  types of breathing exercises,they varies from simple to advance ones,yoga is one of the best way to achieve healthy body and blood purification. Yoga will take away all your stress and tensions and you will feel refreshed and good. Regularly done pranayams shows the most effective results.

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