Decaffeinated coffee improves memory

A new research has revealed that decaffeinated coffee helps strengthening brain function and improves memory power.Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine showed that decaffeinated coffee prevents the risk of disorders like dementia and forgetfulness.Brain metabolism is automatically increased linked to people suffering from type 2 diabetes.The study is published in the Nutritional Neuroscience latest edition.

Type 2 diabetes decreases the glucose level in the body which retards the normal functioning of the brain of memory and the brain.The lead researcher of the study Dr. Giulio Maria said that people who are not suffering from diabetes, if add decaffeinated coffee to their daily diet, then their exist very less chances of their insulin level going down.The body is also able to utilize the glucose very well if not effected by type 2 diabetes.

Decaffeinated coffee let the brain to utilize the glucose in the body in a better way, providing the cellular energy to brain which has the tendency to improve the memory functions.

Giulio further commented that this is the first time that decaffeinated coffee is showing such an excellent result which ultimately helps preventing and curing the cognitive drop in the body caused due to the effect of type 2 diabetes,neurodegenerative diseases and forgetfulness which comes with ageing process.

Though beverages like coffee ups the heart disease risk but Guilio said it happens due to the caffeine content in it.Caffeine causes high cholesterol, stroke, and other cardiovascular disorders in the body.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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