Don’t waste money on weight loss supplements

Studies have found that weight loss supplements are not really good for health.They are of no use and is just a matter of waste of money.Weight loss supplement causes adverse effect to health like loss of appetite, block the fat formation in the body and causes unwanted changes in the body which are not good for long term.

Researcher Melinda Manore of Oregon State University discovered that out of many products that aids in weight loss fibre, green tea and low fat dairy products are highly beneficial for health compared to other health supplementary products available in the market.

Researchers commented that buying the weight loss supplements are total waste of money and are of no use, instead people suffer the adverse effect of such products.Manore says that there is no such assumption that the weight loss supplement you are using produce significant results especially for long time period.Though, some weight loss supplement do cause loss in weight but it could lead to weight gain afterwards.

Manore further says that such supplement are not really effective until you  make a change in your daily routine, including a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and regular exercise is essentially important.More than half population of Canada use health supplement products which includes both the naturally made health products and prescribed drugs.

Weight loss supplement may be sometime beneficial for health but a healthy lifestyle is equally important for better health conditions.Wrong use of supplement could lead to many health problem such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disorders.Some supplements mentioned in the study that lead to harmful effect are- Chitosan( blocks the absorption of carbohydrates and fat), Caffeine (increases metabolism), conjugated (linoleic acid decreases body fat), soluble fibres that degrades the appetite.

Products like ephedra, synephrine and caffeine are really harmful and effect adversely the health of the person.Natural products are more helpful compared to these products.Manore suggest to have a balanced diet consisting of whole grains, vegetables, meats and fruits.Learn to add more calcium, protein, fibre to your diet will help you loose  more weight, instead of wasting money on useless weight loss supplements.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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