Electrolysis hair removal; side effects & after care tips

Electrolysis hair removal is a permanent hair removal technique which is very popular now a days. In this process the main aim is to destroy the hair root through the help of a needle which inserts the electric pulse inside the tabular cavity containing the root of the hair.

Electrolysis hair removal-

Electrolysis hair removal
Electrolysis hair removal

Basically there are more that one type of electrolysis hair removal technique namely- Galvanic, Thermolysis and Blend.

  • Galvanic– This electrolysis hair removal techniqueis applied with direct current. It removes the superfluous hairs through the chemical decomposition. In this process the reaction of salt and water is made which break apart to this constituent parts.
  • Thermolysis– It is subjected to high-frequency alternate current which which provide heat on the roots of the hairs. It do not involve any chemical reaction. It is one of the most common method used for the permanent hair removal.
  • Blend– In this method a double reaction is given by mixing the above two methods. That means the combination of direct and alternate current is used to destroy the roots.

Side effects of the treatment-

Side effects
Side effects

Electrolysis hair removal is a very common way to get rid of hairs permanently but it contains some side effects to. Problems like pain, redness and swelling has been seen in many people gone through this hair removal process. Not only this many times some dark spots or skin darkening problems are also noticed among many individuals in the later stages.

Electrolysis can be a painful job for some individuals depending upon the growth of their hairs,sensitivity are or discomfort level. Apart from this the method is very time consuming as well as costly to. Many patients feel very discomfort and discouraged before the treatment but once full knowledge is gathered it becomes easy to opt for it. Moreover many individuals need a rest from that regular hair removing or waxing methods and for that Electrolysis is the best option and is successful if proper after treatment care is taken.

After treatment care-

After treatment tips
After treatment tips
  • Avoid using harsh soaps on the treated skin and try to avoid the continuous rubbing in that area.
  • Consult your doctor and use an antibiotic which is to be used for the first 24 hours to keep the skin away from any infection or itching.
  • Do not use any creams or lotion on the treatment day.
  • Do not apply make up for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid swimming.
  • Do not touch or scratch the treated are with your nails or the skin can get effected by any infection.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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